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The Impact Preschool makes on a child

Thursday, April 3, 2014 | 3:15 pm

For some critics, preschool is wholly unnecessary. In their minds, the traditional K to 12 grade system is enough. pre-schoolWhile some studies do tend to support such a conclusion, these studies focus mainly on educational or curriculum-based metrics. They ignore the benefits of preschool education or give them short shrift. The truth is that preschool has a tremendous positive impact on children above and beyond the benefits they confer on parents. These benefits fall outside of traditional curriculum or formal academic grounds. Nevertheless, these are quite important factors since they form a solid bedrock for effective learning later on They also help children improve their emotional IQ instead of just their intellectual IQ.

Improving social skills
Based on recent studies and research, social IQ plays a big role in a child’s chances of success later in life, as well as physical movement (but things like appetite suppressants are not). Regardless of what the child wants to do as an adult, the ability to get along with other people and read people plays a significant role in how well the child does in social organizations like corporations, business establishments, educational institutions and others. Indeed, some studies suggest that social IQ and emotional intelligence play a bigger role in a person’s success than intellectual IQ. No other than Henry Ford demonstrated this. He said that he can find the solution to any problem. How? He hired people with high IQ’s who were experts in their respective fields. In short, he had the emotional IQ to put together such a group of people and coordinate among them so he can benefit from their high IQ’s Children who are exposed early to other children in preschool gain a leg up in honing their social skills.

Learning how to work within structured social environment
Life is all about give and take Regardless of whether you are a lumberjack or you work in an office, you have to work with social structures. Exposing children early on to a structured social group with its internal rules help kids navigate and become comfortable with such social environments. Preschool exposure to social environments gives kids an early taste of how to cope with social structures and to define a role for themselves within such structures. There’s less of a shock compared to kindergarten or Grade 1.

Learning to learn within boundaries
One of the most important lessons a person learns is that life is, ultimately, about boundaries. While we do have a lot of say as to how tightly drawn our career, relationship, academic, political, and economic boundaries may be, we must still work within fixed boundaries. Preschool gives kids an early opportunity to learn how to live within boundaries and be comfortable within them. It gives them a leg up because the earlier they develop a sense of comfort with boundaries, the better they can adjust to kindergarten and elementary school boundaries.

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